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Cuirass and breast plate

Medieval cuirass is a piece of knights armor covering the body of knight from neck to waist. From Middle English curas, from Middle French cuirasse, from Late Latin coreacea. This part of knights armor is also known as breast plate armor. There is the widest choice of knights cuirass in our larp shop, from full cuirass with tasset (consisting of one or more armor plates fastened on to the bottom of a cuirass to protect the thigh) to semi- cuirass that protects only the upper part of the body of knight. Such Cuirasses are used for wearing them over the gambesons and chainmails. Breast plate is one of the main parts of steel armor. Especially it concerns armor for larping. In all larping systems the steel armor, in particular cuirass, gives the highest number of points. That’s why if you’re going to make a career of knight in LARP, then cuirass is the main part of your armor suit. All our cuirass armors have Front and Back Plate Armor. Both breast and back plates hand-forget without any welding. We have cuirass of all 4 sizes from M to XXL. If you have a nonstandard figure, you may order the armour based on your individual size.  Thus you can select the breast plate armor that will be maximum suitable for you. Well fitting armour is a very important thing, especially for LARP players, when battle campaign can last for many kilometers, and bad fitting armour protection can be your bitterest enemy long before the battle starts. Have you ever seen some knights in LARP and SCA events moving like crabs without having opportunity even to bend? This is the result of bad cuirass "unisize"  that are very popular for sale. In such uncomfortable cuirass  the knight becomes an easy target on the field of battle. So the main rule of cuirass armor is that it must be well and tight-fitting, there should be no space between body and cuirass. It is advisable that cuirasse consists of several moving armor plates and in such a way provides the maximum mobility during LARP or SCA battle. Only then the knight in Plate Armor turns into really threatening weapon, being mobile and protected he gives to his enemy no chances. Examples of such high-quality LARP and SCA breast plate you can find below.